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Reason by inverse 理的被逆

- Gu Xiaojunist:About reason theory • Three thousand one hundred and twenty-five

At the moment the overseas Underground party website "24 hour rolling news", "three houses of political law ban issued a document inquisition by torture can be implemented no good", said: Recently, the Supreme Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Ministry of public security, state security and the Ministry of justice and other five departments jointly printed documents, including perfect the interrogation system to prevent the inquisition by torture, etc.. There are comments that the file exists......

The above is the ellipsis, I add. With an ellipsis, because they can say, but we can not say.

Underground party website is Dangban; they can, can call, and the party, and we can not. Not only can we not, even the criticism is too sharp, sharp, can not be. Who does not believe, you can try, ban did not discuss. I am the example.

This is the inverse of the theory. Because the Underground party website, Dangban, should maintain the party, in order to fishing, but they lead to scold.

And this is the inquisition by torture, the Kuomintang reactionaries do, rather than the Communist Party did; however, the mainland was repeated, three houses have also issued a document, "no good".

This, is not, is Reason by inverse? The Communist Party, instead of doing bad things?

So the class, but do bad things, too much. On me, I do not know how much experience. I casually say, we listen to, review.

As you know, I have a lot of books in Taiwan. Taiwan, is to give me a part of each. But, everybody likes my book, I am not enough to adjust. What should I do? Let Taiwan give me another ten. Taiwan, also readily agreed.

Taiwan to send a book, one month, two months...... Can not receive. Asked, Fuzhou customs to give me back the book back. This is not reasonable! Taiwan, just send it again. Before long, customs clearance, I received.

We say that this has no reason? If you think my book is a cult, why should I send it? And if it is not a cult, why the first to send, to return?

Mainland customs, there is no rule it? Still, such as the inquisition by torture Jinerbuzhi, the free pass?

The publication of "Gu Xiaojun's Novel (two)", frighten Taiwan in two batches to send - some of the water, from Fuzhou into; some of the air, from Guangzhou into. From Fuzhou into the early received, and from Guangzhou into the August 18th to the customs...... Nearly two months, still there. And customs, there are provisions, the inspection period shall not exceed one month. And now he is still learning to learn the instructions of the people as a people, to improve the work style, and the office of the joint office, pushing the rapid passage......

This is not the rationale for the inverse? Learning President Xi people as one indicator, improve working style, how will changes more and more difficult for the masses?

In our side, the rationale of the inverse, can be seen everywhere. In my "correct" Gu Xiaojun ten "contribution" Article 3 of netizens, "I can top", a "Anonymous (unregistered):" keep abreast of the big woods, what are birds."

This "big woods, what birds have", who is to say? How do I feel that he is talking about himself?

Tonight, almost every local TV station, said, 12 year old Vietnamese girl, cheated to the mainland, cheated to cheat, be pregnant.

If this thing is in Japan, I can understand that there is an actress, a wife, a word in Japan...... That's a nasty race. If this thing out in the west, I can understand a young prostitute -- Western habits...... And Western men are all over the hair, it is a savage thing. And our continent, has five thousand years of civilization history, and is a great socialist country, how can let 12 year old Vietnam girl is pregnant?

Reason by inverse! Is not the general truth, socialism, the problem?

Gu Xiaojun 2016-10-11 Nanjing

Translator: God Has eyes






  此刻海外地下党网站的“新闻 24小时滚动”之首,是“两院三部发文件禁刑讯逼供 政法系能否实施 无人看好”,曰:近日,中共最高法院、最高检察院、公安部、国家安全部、司法部等五部门,联合印文件,其中包括完善讯问制度,防止刑讯逼供等。有评论认为该文件形同虚设……





































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