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2017-02-05 20:04:49
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Animadvert on 批判

- Gu Xiaojunist:About reason theory • 3137

When the "Call in question" self-training after the end, we can "critical" exercise. In fact, Call in question and Animadvert on, are often inseparable, almost the same time; However, in order to facilitate the practice, we still separate the two.

"Animadvert on" is actually - to that error, decomposition and analysis, by reasoning approach to say where the wrong, why wrong and so on.

For example, my famous "criticizing Deng Xiaoping's theory" of "a group of Deng Xiaoping: let some people get rich first" is to compare the "one country, two systems" and "let some people get rich first". Both, are to solve practical problems, are pragmatism. However, "one country, two systems" is the contradiction to the future; and "Let some people get rich first", it is to create contradictions, contradictions, has just begun.

Therefore, "let some people get rich first", in fact, can only do, but can not say, say, is to advocate; a advocate, is bound to economic reform in the "double track" flood. The "dual system" flooding, it will inevitably make money trading spread. Therefore, it can be said that the Chinese officials of the theory of corruption is caused by "let some people get rich first."

Deng Xiaoping is a proletarian revolutionist, perhaps he does not want corruption flooded; his original design, but also "let some people in China to get rich, the first rich to help the rich." However, "the first rich to help the rich", just a kind of take the socialist color for granted; the actual, not according to his idea of interpretation.

For Deng Xiaoping, "let some of the Chinese people to get rich first, to help the rich after the rich", but because of his level of thinking and theory is relatively poor, will take it for granted, but for China's reform and opening up, is the choice A re-take the old path of the vicious expansion of capitalism.

In fact, after the socialist transformation of the mainland, economic development, can and should learn from Chiang Ching-kuo, to achieve "average wealth" (1972 to 1988, per capita growth from $ 482 to $ 5,829, the highest fifth of families And the lowest one-fifth of the family's income difference, only 4.49 times fine-tuning to 4.85 times the world no other country or region can make 12 times the per capita income growth and the gap between rich and poor is limited to 8%). Chiang Ching-kuo's approach shows that wealth is not concentrated in the hands of a few people, indicating that the fruits of economic growth, shared by the whole people.

And the mainland, perhaps the total economic multiple, turned far higher than Taiwan; However, people are destitute, full of "demolitions", interception, black jail, full of Sanlu milk, Shuanghui meat, waste oil, Forced confession, head shot, hide and seek. And these, is it not "let some of China's first rich, rich first to help the rich" caused? Almost the same era, two kinds of reform, which is better at one glance it?

It is precisely because of such rational and justified reasoning that precisely because of such a critical and realistic critique that the newly completed "one Animadvert on of Deng Xiaoping: Let some people get rich first", "the second Animadvert on of Deng Xiaoping: development is not the last word" Deng Xiaoping 's theory of "Deng' s reform is to swear with the people," "four Animadvert ons of Deng Xiaoping: Deng 's reform is a change of opinion," the "Animadvert on of Deng theory" in mainland China has become a hotspot, also widely spread to overseas Chinese circle, Chinese media reports (such as "China Internet Forum openly criticized Deng Xiaoping's thinking" and "Internet Forum openly criticized Deng Xiaoping's thought sparked heated debate").

As for the background of jasmine Yang Hengjun to my unit said the "nine batches", is the thing. "Nine Batch" is imitation of the Communist Party of China "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party of the Soviet Union."

Animadvert on, so critical. Critical way, means, etc., can be different; but, to seize the essence of the problem, the other full analysis, let the error, completely exposed, it is exactly the same, is critical of the key lies.

Gu Xiaojun 2016-10-16 Nanjing

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