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Reason abused 理的被虐

- Gu Xiaojunist:About reason theory • Three thousand one hundred and twenty-six

The talk was "inverse". The theory is inverse, there are a variety of reasons; however, in many times by the inverse is Reason abused.

For example, we criticize the customs, such as the post office, or even a double face, much ado about nothing, making things difficult for the masses etc.. But sometimes, they feel that they are also very wrong - because, they are the so-called functional departments, is often a puppet - that every move of the rope, holding in the hands of some special departments.

Yesterday, the overseas underground website "three houses of political law ban issued a document inquisition by torture can implement one about", reveals the special - "the Department of Homeland Security Department called the".

In the past, the Ministry of national security and the like, is not known to the people, not to mention the mention of. Now, the overseas underground sites said, then, so I also have a lively.

At the beginning of 90s, the laid-off workers are suffering from pain! In fact, not laid off, but also very bitter. Deng Xiaoping said, the army should be patient, etc.. If yes, the right to have the power, with the hands of the power to start a business; no power, only to find ways to go. At that time, I wanted to go to the TV station.

TV station, cow! Want to enter, internships, work. No way, I work at night to do the work of the unit during the day in the TV internship, working. Of course, well paid, is more than two times the unit. Later, only to know, people end of the year award ten thousand.

At that time, it was ten thousand! The temptation is too large, only hard working. Can be, do not have a kind of director of the television station, but even the backbone of the officers are afraid of people - the Security Department of the people. That's just not interesting. I am not a member of the party, the original can be able to survive, but if there are members of the backbone are afraid of, I would not have become three and other citizens?

I quit。 Later, only heard: Radio, television, newspaper, etc., have a dual identity of the people. And the army, the court, the public security, etc., also have a dual identity of the people.

Now, I understand -- even though the talented and capable, not greedy, not bad, willing to fight for decades as one day, a Luxinxin struggling to stem fengjiangdali, such as the position of minister yamen, not be trusted or not, or not being monitored, or two citizens? They are born to be a person.

Today, Zhou Enlai finally want to understand, why so? The open and hidden front information flocked to him, can not busy? Said he was exhausted, he is not asking for?

Today, finally clear -- the cultural revolution, has criticized Mao, dare to dare to "overthrow the Zhang". But, almost no one dare to touch konzen. The hands of Kang Sheng, also has a hidden front; if it is he who died, could not find the will even a corpse.

The Ming Dynasty, East, West, a guard. Can be the Ming Dynasty, or has become a history. Plant health system, is not abuse, abuse rules, abuse of law?

As Shang Yang overpunishment, the results themselves being wumafenshi. The Qin Dynasty testimonies so harshly, or a daze village uprising? If the factory guard system effectively, it will not change dynasties? Reason abused, abuse, abuse of military law...... So, who is the host of the country?

"Reason is the womb of the law". The uterus abused, want not what kind of hybrid, what kind of bastard?

Wei Jingsheng in the overseas, we call the coup, in fact, the color of underwear are known, and what can be done? As a person, only a special department.

The results of natural science is abused, revenge and hate, or together from the start, hidden front! Also, a bright. The human society is from the beginning. Only let, again not only dominate the society, social vices; the wicked, to be popular. Isn't that so?

Gu Xiaojun 2016-10-12 Nanjing

Translator: God Has eyes










  昨日,海外地下党网站的“两院三部发文件禁刑讯逼供 政法系能否实施 无人看好”中,就暴露出了一上述的所谓特殊部门——“国家安全部”。





























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