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2017-01-19 10:50:49
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Report to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Guangzhou customs 向中纪委举报广州海关

- Gu Xiaojunist:About reason theory • three thousand one hundred and thirty-three

Dear CCDI, know the reason of malignant events between urban management and the frequent occurrence of the small tradesmen and porters?

Generally speaking, they are chased chinakayao; and they are also the small tradesmen and porters, the small micro. Naturally stingy! Reluctant to give...... If yes, UMPAP changed the face, to intimidate fraud; them are small tradesmen and porters, cowardly, in front of the small micro man's life and family possessions, but almost all bloody full of fruit and vegetables, for some, do not hesitate to fight......

If so, the malignant event will happen.

Respect of the Commission, I also encountered a bad management - Guangzhou customs.

I was a poor scholar, and perhaps almost as small tradesmen and porters. I published in Taiwan, "Gu Xiaojun novel (2)", elsewhere in the customs transit, I had received, and from the Guangzhou customs transit (book, is August 16th to Guangzhou customs), has not been a message. They have seen estimates separately; because of my novel well, "Selected Novels" on 1987, there are two articles.

Look, look, delay a few days, I do not care about. They want to see, want to leave (customs inspection period, the regulation is not more than a month); in fact, to also not matter, I will give some of the. But, they made up the reason, scary! In the book there are political issues involved, the case has been included in the handling of cases".

Is not fiction, fiction, fiction? How to engage in critical Yu Pingbo, Harry dismissed criticism? Under the study of Li Xinzheng, Guangzhou customs to engage in the Cultural Revolution?

The respect of the Central Commission for Discipline inspection! In good times, as bright as sun and moon in the anti-corruption achievements, they should engage in, they should engage in Fenshukengru Wenziyu, they should engage in "the wind can't read, why chaos book"...... Geeze!

Dear CCDI, I was a poor scholar, as well as to dozens of books, small tradesmen and porters; I would have to fight. There's no way!

Respect of the Commission, Guangzhou customs tube bandits! Respect of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission, help me!

Gu Xiaojun 2016-10-15 Nanjing

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