2017-01-17 19:57:47
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"Gu Xiaojun novelette(2)" was seized 《顧曉軍小說(二)》被查扣

- Gu Xiaojunist:About reason theory • Three thousand one hundred and thirty-two

"Gu Xiaojun novelette(2)”, by the Guangzhou Customs seized, the grounds of "there is a political problem".

They are "involved in political issues"!

You remember me in "Truth in people" s minds "said," this' seems not care 'is clear - they have been thwarted, has been in talks; and I, 2016, the peace prize prize hopeless, but is expected to "? The reason I say that is not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

Gu' s fans, recommended to the Nobel Peace Prize Gu Xiaojun, a full five years; Gu’ s fans, Nobel literature award recommended Gu Xiaojun, also has three years. No confidence, I will let Gu s fans "harass the people and waste money?

Not only is the confidence, I have learned the secret channels of information. Of course, these can not be said in the text. What form, when, can not say. To kill or not to say.

Say something to say. Why did I start from 2016-9-18, suddenly turned to "reason theory about"? We still remember the "about reason theory" in the article "Book specification discourse truth, naturally for example; both examples said who are not angry. I aim to be learned, not to attack anyone ". In fact, this is the "consultation", public consultation.

2016-9-18, you have seen my computer was attacked, shout and wrangle blog destruction...... And so on? No, right? Even if the "To Tsai Ing-wen make suggestions wrote," write "Deng Yujiao Event Review" and Gang Liu "write the voluntary cooperation of Gu Xiaojun's ten contribution" and "correct" Gu Xiaojun ten ", with" no attack, no damage...... This is the "consultation", taking with major political achievements.

Why is it that the peace prize is hopeless, and the literature prize is expected? I can say: first, the party is omnipotent. Second, I am in the peace prize, let them; they are in the literature award, let me...... For ease of liangxiang.

I said, "deep in their heart, but also remnants of the rationale," right? From 9.18 to 10.13, live in peace.

We live in peace, they is not involved in politics? They left room for me to win the Nobel prize for literature, for the "reason theory about" mode, try not to fight as far as possible.

This is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. The Nobel prize for literature in 2016 for "American singer", they immediately come, "Gu Xiaojun novelette(2)” "is a political problem, was seized Guangzhou customs.

With the "Gu Xiaojun novelette(2)” "politics" by the Guangzhou Customs seized simultaneously, I have in Taiwan "love in" blog, I cannot log in the overseas "China free spring" column to Taiwan, YAHOO search for "Gu Xiaojun" won't open and so on.

We look at it, who is involved in politics? Who, in the immediate "political"?

Gu Xiaojun 2016-10-15 Nanjing

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              顾晓军 2016-10-15 南京