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Connotation of reason 理的内涵

- Gu Xiaojunist:About reason theory • Three thousand one hundred and twenty-eight

Wind North blowing "about reason" -- the road such as the sky theory "- a" notes and thoughts in "the establishment of 'truth' status, understanding the connotation of" reason "and the extension," speak the truth "to clarify the misunderstanding and misleading", in fact, it is in giving me a problem.

The status of the truth, I wrote two "is order Reason", made one of them. The extension of the truth, can not go to the tube first; then, the connotation of the truth, what do you say?

I search the "connotation", also saw several "the connotation of scripts". One netizen said: "honestly, I'd rather go to wash room, do not come on the show". Another netizen said: "now the stock market is the feeling of being raped, several times also reluctant to get out of bed, the other side of each pocket we all thought to us in the money, took out a cover on the bed again again......"

Of course, this piece is good, also has the connotation of. But I don't think it's as good as I did in 2009, "said Zhou Runfa, 55, who announced his death and will give 99% of his fortune. Writer Gu Xiaojun commented: don't donate to the mainland, do not harm the innocent officials "," development and Reform Commission since its establishment only done two things: 1) prices, 2 prices) for defense "," the China effective anti-corruption measures are: 1) 2) a quarrel between husband and wife; theft; 3) accident accident; 4) lover report 5); Internet curse".

This piece is composed in 2009, now has eight years. However, it is "the most fire black humor" and the like.

In fact, is not "the most fire" is not important, not "humor" is not important; important, there is no connotation. This set of scripts, the original title is "China style tragedy", is a microcosm of China, after the reform and opening up.

"Cold, afraid to go to the hospital too costly, so the wife said:" Ginger boil point to drink. " The wife said: 'Jiang Taigui, let's go to the hospital...'" "China is not necessarily the most populous country and neighboring land disputes, but must be and citizens of countries most land disputes", "a 54 year old laid-off workers said a shocked voice:" the attitude towards intellectuals marks the level of civilization of a nation, and the attitude towards workers and peasants are can test the nation's conscience"...... And so on, is not the epitome of Chinese society?

"The movie college enrollment, which has a lot of beauty beauty, asked what they thought of unspoken rule, our answer is very calm:" as long as the rule is easy, "", "the realm of life is: with Saudi Arabia wages, live the British house, with the Swedish mobile phone, with Swiss watch, married women in South Korea, the Japanese kept woman. Thailand, do massage, German cars, American planes sit, drink French wine, eat seafood in Australia, Cuban cigars, wearing leather shoes in Italy, playing the Spanish girl, watching the opera of Austria, Russia to buy villas, hire maid in Philippines, with Israeli bodyguards, washing Turkey sauna, when civil servants in Chinese...... But as long as the last point, in front of all can be achieved, "dare not tell the truth is a disgrace to the individual, can not tell the truth is the shame of the times"...... And so on, there is no meaning?

I have a ferry "content", as "an abstract but absolute feeling, is a person of a person or a thing is a kind of cognitive feeling and so on. I don't say it's wrong, but it's too abstract, too rigid, too rigid.

Above, I said, "wrote two" is order Reason ", made one of them", because they do not want rigid, dogma. The first "Reason is order" written, I am not satisfied, slept, woke up with the thought of second "Reason is order", the first is repealed.

Desu Gu Lu 's' fans told him that he forwarded "Gu Xiaojun: is order Reason", has been "recommended" home page".

Can be "recommended", naturally good. But, in fact, the key of the article is, whether it is written - deep, vivid, there is meaning, and so on.

Good! So, I can give a definition of the reason, when it comes to people's hearts up, and can stand the test of time, there is meaning. And this, that is, the connotation of science.

Gu Xiaojun 2016-10-13 Nanjing

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