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The remnants of reason   理的残存

- Gu Xiaojunist:About reason theory • 3,134

At the moment, in my forward, the son of the forest, "Nobel Prize was embarrassed Mr. Gu Xiaojun trouble" article, is "begging Nobel Prize! Gang of beasts lost skin" "see bloggers eyes, you know To take the medicine of the Lord "and" support "" support "cry.

14, in the know "the book has involved in political issues, has been included in the case", wrote the "Guangzhou Customs to catch me (look forward to solidarity)", "<Gu Xiaojun novel (2)> seized" and " Report to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of Guangzhou Customs "three articles. These three, from three different angles, say this thing. I thought: deal with this material, can be described as the culmination of the.

Unexpectedly, the son of the forest "Nobel Prize was embarrassed Mr. Gu Xiaojun trouble" written better than me! (1712-1778), published "Emile", was immediately banned, Rousseau by the official, the sect of the siege and the Paris High Court wanted, since then, the French President Jacques Rousseau, "Réseau's" Emile "was thought to have 'nurtured modern and modern pedagogy', while the 'social contract theory' was' the French Revolution of 1789 'and the' The democratic revolution and national liberation movement of the nineteenth century provided the ideological weapon ', is considered the basis of modern democracy, "" perhaps, those who participate in the banning of Rousseau's writings, the author of the power to persecute, see their descendants from Thinkers of the ideological impact of building a democratic society to get what kind of benefits, however, we as a descendant is to see clearly .According to history, so far, Mr. Gu Xiaojun books have millions of words ... 'brain revolution' And the "populist democracy" three philosophical works, than Rousseau's thought is more advanced, occupied the modern democratic theory thought highland, its social value is difficult to estimate, even if our generation can not see by the "justice first "And" populist democracy, "the theoretical thinking of the society, but our future generations are hopeful to enjoy.Will all involved in the ban, threatened Mr. Gu Xiaojun power, when you think of your future generations to enjoy Gu Xiaojun Do you feel ashamed of the good that comes with it? "

Some people think that smart (such as the screaming "begging Nobel Prize! Gang of animals lost the dough," the anonymous), then, the most intelligent than ordinary readers - the original my "Guangzhou Customs to catch me (Look forward to solidarity) "," <Gu Xiaojun novel (b)> seized "and so the amount of traffic can, I do not know who found the son of the forest" Nobel Prize was embarrassed Mr. Gu Xiaojun trouble, "the volume turned up .

So, anonymous who can only scream "begging Nobel Prize! Gang of beasts lost skin" and so on, that can mislead the reader's view.

The reason why I say, "Anonymous person can only cry, 'begging the Nobel Prize! Gang of beasts lost the dough,' and so on ', simply because the mainland's official not allowed them to act - (2) " 'involved in politics' seized by both the Guangzhou Customs, there I am in Taiwan 'love small' blog can not log in, there is me (Gu Xiaojun novel) In the "China Free Spring" column do not go, there are Taiwan's Yahoo search 'Gu Xiaojun' not open, etc. Soon after, I was in Taiwan "love the small" blog, was lifted, overseas "China Free Spring "column, although not as before, but also barely able to send.

I "reason in people's hearts," said "in their hearts deep, but also remnants of reason." Communists are also human beings, people, there is "remnants of reason"; and "remnants of reason", they can reason with them. In fact, in my "<Gu Xiaojun fiction (2)> seized" wrote "I have in Taiwan, 'love small' blog can not log in, I have overseas 'Spring of China' column do not go "When they have to discuss, correct.

Therefore, it is only the anonymous "begging Nobel Prize! Gang of beasts loses the dough," "to see the main eyes of the owner to know to take medicine of the Lord" and "support" like crying . Anonymous who, while still able to cry, wail it!

Gu Xiaojun 2016-10-15 Nanjing

Translator: God Has eyes






  此刻,在我转发的、森林之子的《诺贝尔奖遭尴尬 顾晓军先生遇麻烦》一文下,是“乞讨诺貝尔奖!这帮畜牲丢尽了面皮”“看博主眼睛,就知道是要吃药的主”及“支持”“支持”的哀嚎。




  不料,森林之子的《诺贝尔奖遭尴尬 顾晓军先生遇麻烦》写得比我好!其文道:“由此想到思想家让-雅克•卢梭(1712-1778),出版了《爱弥儿》,立即遭到查禁,卢梭受到官方、教会等的围攻和巴黎高等法院的通缉,此后的二十年基本上在颠沛流离的悲惨痛苦中度过。可是,卢梭之《爱弥儿》被认为‘哺育了近代和现代教育学’。而《社会契约论》为‘1789年的法国大革命及19世纪风起云涌的各国民主革命和民族解放运动提供了思想武器’,被认为是现代民主的基础”、“也许,那些参与查禁卢梭的著作、逼害作者的权贵,看不到自己子孙后代从受思想家的思想影响而构建的民主社会中得到怎样的好处,然而,我们作为后人是看清楚了。以史为鉴。到目前为止,顾晓军先生的著作已有几百万字……《大脑革命》、《公正第一》和《平民主义民主》三本哲学著作,比卢梭的思想更先进,占领了现代民主理论思想的高地,其社会价值难以估量,即使我们这代人看不到由《公正第一》和《平民主义民主》的理论思想所构建的社会,但,我们的子孙后代是有希望享受到的。试问所有参与封杀、恐吓顾晓军先生的当权者们,当想到你们的子孙后代享受到顾晓军主义带来的好处时,你们会感到有愧吗”等。


  总有些人自以为聪明(如哀嚎“乞讨诺貝尔奖!这帮畜牲丢尽了面皮”的匿名者),然,最聪明的莫过于普通读者——原本我的《广州海关要抓我(期待声援)》、《〈顧曉軍小說(二)〉被查扣》等的访问量可以,不知是谁发现了森林之子的《诺贝尔奖遭尴尬 顾晓军先生遇麻烦》,访问量一下翻了上去。











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